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[POST] yoosu ~~ SOON~ ! >: [

sayonara yoochun manhwa can be seen on treeheaven livejournal and webtoon !~but ( not full scan ) *hope she update it * it will be amazing ~!! shes so great ~~



WISH : please can any one give me a link to the full sayonara yoochun manhwa scan , the naver link i found before was deleted already .

if you gave me any link that has the full scan , ill  show you the full scan of OKAERI YOOCHUN ~ ^___^ 


NOTE : the manhwa that i will post here is for friends and followers on my twitter only !

the manhwa is so expensive !!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T__T




by : AYUxJUNO  ( JUNO-YA )