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[POST] rumor control – FYI about cashboxman by @JJaeyumixx / “koalanomi”

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   (  here a post by : @JJaeyumixx on twitter)

statement by : “koalanomi” a user who commented from netizenbuzz.”


even a cassie doesn’t want
to believe what that
cashboxman said,

“There is no reunion rumor :
(… that guy said he isn’t
planning to have them
reunite as one group, thats
not his goal. His goal is to
“help JYJ”. He said MAYBE
JYJ&TVXQ would share an
equal stage one day, like
just perform at the same
event, but not actually as a
group of 5. But he isn’t even
sure of that either. I’m a
Cassie but I don’t believe
that guy for anything. So
please don’t come here & try
speaking for all of us.

Cashboxman has a history
of fraud & is still involved
with Yakuza. I know some
Cassies want to believe
everything he says but he’s
only sharing rumors he
hears from other fans &
then he repeats them like he
knows exclusive stuff. The
guy is also taking money
from other Cassies by
having paid broadcast to
share his crap.

Many Japan
fans think he’s a spy for SM,
hell maybe even Avex who is
trying to get the company
helping JYJ in trouble or
outted into public. Because
rumor has it JYJ already
have a big company helping
them now but they don’t
want Avex or SM interfering
so they’re keeping it secret
until legal stuff with Avex
is over.

cashboxman has said comes
from fans… like everything
lol. He also talks to fans on
facebook & they tell him
about fandom issues &
other rumors. Wish people
would stop giving that guy
more ammo.

I mean
Jaejoong & Junsu already
said that guy was fake.
Even cashboxman
acknowledged Jaejoong’s
tweet was about him. So
yeah, he’s just some crazy
dude on the internet who
gets paid to spread more
rumors & manipulate fans
by just telling them what
they want to hear.

At first
he was on JYJ fans side
only, then when they hated
him, he moved toward trying
to win over Cassies. He’s
messed up”

– “koalanomi”


shared by : @AYUXJUNO

credits : “koalanomi” from netizenbuzz

source : @JJaeyumixx


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