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to LEE SEUNG CHUL a big headed sunbae !

 on JYJ3 article !







he knows that JYJ /junsu is banned in korean tv , so he intended to make lies , he knew that if they play as victim and degrade junsu and junsu’s fans , js cant state his side to national tv , unlike him , as sm artist do to jyj before , WHICH IS VERY SHAMEFUL OF HIM ! IT DOESNT MAKE U ANY RIGHTS TO TOOK ANYONS SONG IF U ARE A SUNBAE (SENIOR) TO UR JUNIOR !!!! remember that ! LEE SEUNGCHUL! your actions are so immature and unprofessional … , it seems that you’ve been practicing a bad habit ? since your debut lee seungchul!


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its not about the credit here , its the issue of lee seung chuls action towards xia junsu and his fans ! he posted and stated so many lies on national korean tv which junsu is banned , hence .. which junsu cant defend his self , telling this that … his been so immature and hard headed SUNBAE !  , talking shit about junsu’s fans on his site , and threatening them is  really a different thing , they also claim that junsu stole it from them originally  , and then  after that… they contradict their words by saying they didnt said like that .. wtf ? he called junsu’s fans pest !   and more …. he should not acted that way , he go inside the fans war of words , he should not tell his fans that js fans are pestering them and mean which made his fans go crazy on  insulting js fans bashing everywhere … him as an idol should acted appropriately , setting good example and making his fanbase not worry  about such a issue .  this credit issue is not a big deal at all after they open their mouths and said lies about it ! that made this a issue , thank you !