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YOOSU ver. ! #JYJ magazine ~ 100 Days !

YOOSU ver. ! #JYJ magazine ~ 100 Days !

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YOOSU ….. ~


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[RECOMMENDED] IS (intersex) manga ! yoosu idea by : AYUxJUNO


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ive been intensively researching on this case for years  !

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AYUxJUNO here….im know for my YOOSU stuffs … because of yoosu , ive been fascinated on creating a great fanfiction about YOOSU , a story with dept , basis and value … one of my inspiration on writing is Purplefanatic in winglin were she wrote ” Win a Date with park yoochun ” and many more . I do love how she emphasis the scenes and comedy  .

okay back to my topic, here’s a great manga ive read on mangogo its about IS or InterSex cases in japan , what is IS ? its an inborn abnormality on gender organs or DNA , an (IS) person is consider neither female or male or in between ,There is ONE (IS) case on every 2000  people born meaning there is a lot , but family tend to hide this case to protect their child  ,the emotional and physical changes on IS is really a big deal , they often experience identity crisis .the state of mind of an IS became really confusing  , if they were left untreated they will surely die early …

                                 Actually ive been doing researched on this case which lead me to this manga ,  my sis found this and tell me to read it . I had this idea of fanfiction long time ago with my sister , my YOOSu fanfic  and plot about junsu being born IS or a boy that has a female organ that function during his teenage and eventually falls for yoochun but in a dramatic way …  , by that small idea makes me want to research more on this , knowing about this cases open my mind on how to write my fanfiction properly , how to execute the Idea  .

I highly recommend this manga ..which looks like a manhwa *the art * cuz it tackle more on reality than fantasies  and i love the art ^_^ … the CASE 3 ( HARU) reminds me of sayonara yoochun , why? cuz it revolves on high school life , sexuality , society and reality of life ,  and HARU the (IS) person has “his ” Ex-BF ” kenji” …  *handsome dude* kenji reminds me of yoochun’s character on Sayonara and haru is like junsu  >////< !! haru was born boy became girl and soon became boy again …. and so on~~~

 MY YOOSU  (IS) story …! ^__^ but before junsu became junko i had this story ~

junko made me happy …


heres the manga about IS !~ 

Is – Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei manga

Is - Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei

this manga is composed of three IS story  . How they manage to continue in this cruel society … Having no definite gender . Love , family , and relationship of an IS person will be tackled .



CASE 3 : HARU ( long part ) 

LINK : http://www.mangago.com/read-manga/is_otoko_demo_onna_demo_nai_sei/

CASE 3 : HARU ( 1-14 vol .) 

Screenshot_2013-08-29-01-43-45-1 b94f96fd01f888424712c9c443f39bfd


what is IS ? 

IS (Pronounced Aiesu in Japanese) is not your everyday manga. This manga strictly deals with cases of intersexuality ( IS) . IS stands for Inter Sexuality.
This manga deals with very serious issues concerning intersexual people. The pain they go through, the troubles they confront, and ultimately their inability to reproduce and even find a partner who will accept them as they are – It’s all there in a form of manga.
The series is consisted of cases, each dealing with different people – although some cases are much longer and more dramatic than others.
The first volume is about the case of Hiromi and the case of Ryoma. The third case is of Haru and characters related to him.
If you don’t know what intersexuality is, refer to the Wikipedia on Intersex.

IF YOU DONT KNOW OR AWARE ABOUT – IS :  see link : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intersex


intersex, in humans and other animals, is a variation in sex characteristics including chromosomesgonads, and/or genitals that do not allow an individual to be distinctly identified as male or female. Such variation may involve genital ambiguity, and combinations of chromosomal genotype and sexual phenotype other than XY-male and XX-female.[1][2] Intersex infants with ambiguous outer genitalia may be surgically ‘corrected’ to more easily fit into a socially accepted sex category. Others may opt, in adulthood, for surgical procedures in order to align their physical sex characteristics with their gender identity or the sex category to which they were assigned at birth. Others will not become aware that they are intersex—unless they receive genetic testing—because it does not manifest in their phenotype. Some individuals may be raised as a certain sex (male or female) but then identify with another later in life, while others may not identify themselves as either exclusively female or exclusively male.[1][2][3] Research has shown gender identity of intersex individuals to be independent of sexual orientation, though some intersex conditions also affect an individual’s sexual orientation.[4]


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please feel free to spread this post !^_^ 

kindly take credit  @AYUxJUNO 

ive been intensively researching on this case for years  !

please give credits . 

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